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Become your own alchemist at home with Ae Botanicals. Take control of your skin and boost your confidence. Create a personalized skincare routine effortlessly customized by you for your skin type with our multi-use products. Address skin issues and concerns naturally and stress-free while you reduce costs and waste

Anti-Aging, Detoxification, Hydration

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At Ae Botanicals, everyone can make a difference with our vegan products! Driven by sustainability, compassion, and health, we create options that are better for the planet and kinder to animals. Our vegan ingredients reduce environmental impact and promote animal welfare.

We embrace diverse needs and ethical beliefs, making our products accessible to all. Choose Ae Botanicals for a healthier you and a greener world.

Join us in crafting a sustainable and compassionate future!

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Ae Botanicals Sustainable Skincare Leader 

At Ae Botanicals, sustainability is not just a practice; it's a sacred commitment woven into the very fabric of our brand.From the lush landscapes of New Zealand to the delicate ecosystems around the world, we recognize the interconnectedness of all life. That's why we take a holistic approach to sustainability, considering every aspect of our operations to minimize our impact on the planet.

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  • New Zealand Glacial Clay

  • Restore Boosting Youth Serum

  • Glacial Clay Exfoliating Cleanser

  • Restore Hair Serum

Introducing Ae Botanicals' Glacial Clay Multi-Use innovative fusion versatile skin body care solutions.

Hydrate, nourish, protect or cleanse, detoxify

Introducing Ae Botanicals' Skin Boosting Youth Serum,
Formulated with a blend of plant-based antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity

Introducing Ae Botanicals' Glacial Clay Exfoliating Cleanser

sourced from the pristine glaciers of New Zealand The fine particles of Glacial Clay gently lift away impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil

Ae Botanicals' Restore Hair Serum blend of nourishing oils and botanical extracts, penetrates deeply into the hair follicles, delivering essential nutrients and hydration, strengthen or protect

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